The high value notes of Rs. 500 and 1000 denomination completely banned on 30 th of this month, as the 50 days demonitisation process, Government fixed the cutoff date for all banks to receive the deadline for such notes.  After that bank will not accept these banned notes.

It has seen an unlawful practice from some banks and bank official to receive such notes in bulk and transacted some accounts. A bulk amount of 2000 denomination notes that shortage in all bank and these notes restricted to common man for withdrawal limit upto 24000 per week that very common in some  person and huge collection of these note s caught in some checking by officials. Some leading new generation banks in India assist to some group to change these notes turn in to white.

After this month a thorough checking may lead that to reveal the source of such fund and those who caught in red to assist such activities. Officials of banks who help to such activity may face vigilance enquiry on this activities, some source said.

Even though many place such note caught in raid by police,  that cannot reveal the exact source of such leakage of bulk notes and how to rotate in people turn it in to black money. These notes pass to such people only through banks  and officials of banks knew such activities,   there is no enquiry made such source of leak .