rejewaPerumbavoor:  Jisha ; the late brutally murdered victim under rape attempt in perumbavoor,  her mother Rajeswary who got protection from government and allowed  two women constable always with her self protection confess that  still she made some threatens from outside sources . She spends 38000 rupees to cover camera surveillance around the government’s provided new house. Deepa who is the another daughter of Rajeswary made some quarrel between this unwanted expenditure made by Rajeswary. Between this struggle one women constable made injuries.

Now also some question prevail again in murder of Jisha matters. Even though Ameerul catch by police as convict and he is in police custody why she afraid of these surrounding demanding that more arguments made by her?  People around Perumbavoor said to Jaihind person that the back Jisha murder had some other forces and suspecting this situation local people demand CBI enquiry. jisha-murderBy to use with the help of right to information act someone made the enquiry about the income earned by Rajeswary from different help lines out of which 29 Lakhs of rupeese were she withdrawn from the joint account of collector and herself.

Mr.Pappu, the father of Jisha stayed with another family demand half of the money got from this matter and he approach to court to this matter.

This is through social media and whole news media that shocking incidents should focus to bring the real culprit in to light. From its starts even though they were bloom in grief   Rajeswary and deepa very much co-operate to media and they came to some media discussion also. After Ameer-ul caught by police, here in after the situation totally changed.  Rajeswary also keep in stand with police caught curlpit Ameerul with the help of neighbor doing the brutal murder. Here in after the situation totally changed. Rajeswary who support to media to find out her girl’s murder turned against to the media and  never allowed to the media person had to made interview her. jishanThen after the incident lessen from the mind of people and discussion from media get less priority in such matters. Again some doubtful events raised by this situation that are made some controversy. People around in perumbavoor who wish to light the real curlpit of Jisha murder some doubt again turn to Rajeswary also by asking  the difference in the talking after Ameerul caught by this incident. Then after she doesn’t came in front of media and police charge case only to Ameerul himself doing this murder. The evidence against Ameerul is less valueble with the absence of proper evidence.

Is Ameerul put to jail and nobody do any harm to Rajeswary and family then why Rajeswary afraid  to suspect those outsider? This indicate some out side forces apart from Ameerul behind her.  Is prevail some matter still hide from her that to be investigated and Pappu’s  revealing also considered.