Nothing can enhance your confidence like flawless skin does. Necessarily, when you are not leaving any stone unturned to find that dream look! Sound sleep, exercise, and balanced diet do help in this cause. But to avoid or remove any sneaky tiny zit or blemish from your face, there are certain ways & flawless skin tips to tell how to get clear skin in few days. Are you not overwhelmed to hear that?

You may find it challenging to get smooth face skin. But with natural and some homemade remedies, the task seems quite gettable. If you are also interested to know how to keep skin clear and healthy naturally, follow these flawless skin tips for an assured glowing and smooth face skin.

Flawless Skin Tips : What To Eat To Get Clear Skin?

It is rightly said that whatever you eat shows back on your face. If you eat healthy, you get all the necessary nutrients for your skin. By repairing the damage, these nutrients build collagen and new cells. For including correct diet for clear skin in your food, here are some tips that will certainly prove helpful for you.

  • Eat healthy and stay glowing with fruits and veggies in ample doses. Also include foods that are rich in fibers, carbohydrates, and proteins. You can also gorge upon the taste of berries that are considered to be best food for clear skin.
  • Even if you love non-vegan food, go green for some days. Vegan food is the best food for clear skin and those green and fresh veggies will show a significantly on your face.. No, we aren’t asking you to skip your proteins entirely, but for few days, go the vegetarian way. However, if you cannot contain your craving for non-vegan food, enjoy cold water fish like sardines, salmon, or mackerel.
  • You must avoid foods like meat, fried snacks, sugar, aerated drinks, alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and other processed food items. They must be excluded from your diet for clear skin.
  • If glowing skin and spotless face are your target, theninclude lots of yogurt, pomegranate, soy, rich nuts like almonds,raisins,walnuts as they are rich in essential oils that are present in them naturally.  Up your intake ofLeafy green veggies, like spinach, broccoli, Fenugreek, coriander, sun flower seeds, and flax seeds. Green veggies ought to be a part of your diet.

    Keep Yourself Hydrated

    Intake of fluids helps to detoxify your body to keep the skin healthy and radiant with confidence.

  • Your daily water intake must exceed 1.5 litres to wash away the toxins from your body.
  • But it does not make every water-based beverage fit for drinking. For glowing and smooth texture of skin stay away from tea, coffee, or any other caffeinated drink as such.

    Properly Wash Your Face Multiple Times A Day

    Even if you wash away the daily dirt from your face, you are not entirely done with it, unless you do it in the right way.

    • You should wash your face at least two times a day. It is advisable to remove your makeup with a mild makeup cleanser and wash your face, before going to bed.
    • Always end, washing your face , by splashing some cold water as ittightens the pores on your skin to avoid infiltration of any pollutant or dirt.
    • Use mild soap or a mild cleanser to wash your face.Harsh Soaps tend to make your skin dry. Take a cold shower after exercising or sweating out in the gym.

      Have Sound and Smart Sleep

      For glowing and blemishes – free face, you must sleep properly and adequately. Most of the times, it is said that eight hours sleep every day keeps away all the skin problems. However, stick to some simple rules like changing the pillow covers regularly and tying back your hair while sleeping.

      Make time for Exercise-

      Without a shadow of doubt exercise plays an immensely vital role in giving you glowing skin. Cardiovascular activity of any sort boosts the blood circulation of your body that in turn gives you an inner natural radiance. Run, walk, jog, cycle, play a sport, swim or take the route of the gym. Take your pick!