Over the years, Google received a lot of press concerning ongoing acrimony between the search giant and European regulators trying to enforce the EU’s right to be forgotten. However, that is not the only area where Google is engaged in ongoing activity to review sites for possible infringement. Another big area is in copyright infringement where Google’s latest transparency report shows they have now taken down over 2 Billion individual URLs location on over 1 Million web sites since 2011.

The report that Google released shows a steady increase, especially in just the last year, in the number of requests received alleging copyright infringement. No doubt a big part of this push is due to automated tools used by copyright owners to try to detect possible infringement.

Google also provided some examples of the types of complaints they have received over the years which reveal some interesting strategies used by those trying to get sites taken down. In one case, a firm representing a music label tried to assert copyright over sites that included the word “coffee” in the title. Google also revealed that one of the scams they have to deal with is individuals impersonating anti-piracy firms.

Google’s report also shows major sites like Netflix and the BBC are often targets of complaints as is the U.S. government, in particular The White House and the U.S. Department of Justice. On the flip side, governments around the world also try to use claims of copyright infringement as a way to try to censor content.