On the very auspicious day of Maha Shivarathri, there will be Poojas performed during all the four parts of the night. The Linga in the Garbha Gruha is beautifully decorated with Bilva leaves and flowers. Sri Rudram and Thevaaram are chanted so that the Lord is pleased. Special Abhishekams are done.

 To have darshan of Lord Shiva on Shivarathri day is very auspicious. It is the culmination and results of a lot of good deeds. Specifically, the Acharyas say, observing Shivarathri Vratha and taking the darshan of the Lord increases the merits manyfold.

Those who observe the Shivarathri Vratha should wake up early in the morning, complete the daily duties, take bath and go to temple to have the darshan of Lord Shiva.crowd They must observe fasting and read the Shiva Purana. They should keep awake in the night and chant the Shiva Naamaa and listen to Purana stories on Lord Shiva. They should perform Pooja in all the four Yaamaas of the night. If we follow these regulations, then Lord Shiva is pleased with us showers blessings on us. He will bless us in this life and afterlife!

The Asuras saw the Shivarathri Pooja and unconsciously chanted “Shiva, Shiva”. The Purana says because of this their sins were destroyed, and Lord Shiva absolved them from the after effects of their sins.