New Delhi: Rubber board had approached to commerce and industrial minister Sri.George Joyce, to find out the exact cost of production of rubber. The industry demand more natural rubber and will not take it from native and chose the the method to import from outside countries.

As the demand increased for the rubber, industry still demand it in a small price and choose to import it in other countries above cost. By promoting the natural rubber production in the states, and invite the government consideration to lessen the import of natural rubber  the board approach to the minister for inviting his attention.

Requirement of rubber in 2015-16 was 9.94 million tones in the country. Total production came from country is 5.62 million tons. To compensate for requirement of 4.58 million tones of rubber import it from other rubber produced countries. If the board facilitates to get the required quantity of natural rubber it the country’s expectation,  they have to take the method to promote the native production by choosing different method.