By K.Manikandan

NEW DELHI:  Congress president-designate Rahul Gandhi . He will take over the reins from his mother Sonia Gandhi, who became Congress president in 1998 and steered the 132-year-old political party for 19 years. Mr Gandhi, who has often been seen as a reluctant politician, was named the chief-to-be on Monday after no one else from his party challenged him in the internal election. Rahul Gandhi’s elevation caps years of speculation about his new role. It also comes nearly two months after Sonia Gandhi told NDTV that a promotion for her son was due soon. Till his promotion, Rahul Gandhi held the post of Congress vice-president, which he held since January 2013. At 11 am on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi is presented with a certificate that formally names him as the new Congress President. From Mullapally Ramachandran at the Congress party headquarters here in New Delhi.636490190825244519636490196141764519