NEW DELHI:  The BJP is set to win a fifth consecutive term in Gujarat, but by a lower margin of victory than last time, with the Congress giving it a scare earlier today.

The BJP is now leading in 104 seats in Gujarat, crossing the 100-mark but 11 short of the 115 it had won in the last election

Analysts have called the Gujarat election a pivotal moment, a contest important not only for the state but also national politics. The BJP will also form the government in Himachal Pradesh with a big win, snatching another state from the Congress.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Praful Patel says the Gujarat results could have “been different” if the Congress had aligned with his party

“The Congress did manage to tap into the anti-incumbency sentiment. It is important to understand Gujarat is not like other states. It’s the BJP citadel. If they lost that, the BJP would fall of like pack of cards so they pulled out all stops. I think we are doing very good,” said the Congress’s Sharmishta Mukherjee.
BJP workers, who were worried in the morning as the party ran neck and neck with the Congress in early counting, are now filling the Gandhinagar office.
After trailing all day, BJP’s CM candidate in Himachal, Prem Kumar Dhumal, is finally leading with 4,000 votes at the end of with 4,000 votes at the end of 11 of 14 rounds.
“The next best thing for Rahul Gandhi to do is to not go on a vacation on every 20th day of the month”, says BJP leader Seshadri Chari
9 out of ten candidates of the Patel community, who belong specifically to the BJP, have won.