Trivandrum: Under direction from the PWD minister G. Sudhakaran, one women executive engineer and her official driver were suspended for taking bribe from one of the contractor inside the secretariat compound .

Trivandrum PWD executive engineer Shahana Beegam, and her official driver A.J. Praveen kumar both are suspended to this matter.

The incidents happened in last Friday after 5.30 PM. Executive engineer Shahana Beegam, came to inspect the fire fighting equipment’s in the secretariat compound and took the bribe sitting inside the car parked inside the Secretariat compound. The reports from some people to the ministers office,  officials were checking the CCTV captures, it is found that the incidents they reported was true.

The contractor his name Sijo, who owned Alice fire fighting system gave some notes from his poket and gave it to who sit in the car and other person belongs to him gave the driver also.

The incidents reported to vigilance officials and also take in charge to illegal wealth earning of her, minister directed.