Amid reports about construction of a new check dam across the Palar in Andhra Pradesh, officials of the Public Works Department (PWD), Vellore, said the government of the neighbouring State had recently undertaken work on the 12th ‘stone masonry’ check dam across Chinna Eru, a tributary of Palar river.

“Chinna Eru, a tributary of the Palar, runs for 16 km. It originates from a lake in Betha Bangarunatham village. There are 12 small check dams across this tributary, and the 12th one is located at Somapallam in Andhra Pradesh,” an official said. This check dam was situated nearly 7 km on the upper side of Pullur, where the Palar entered Tamil Nadu in Vellore district, he added. “These 12 check dams are at least 20 years old. Recently, they have taken up work on the 12th check dam and have covered it with concrete on the top and the sides. We do not know what its previous height was but now, the dam is about eight-foot tall after the work has been completed,” he said.


Another official said this work could have been taken up to repair and strengthen the check dam. Officials added that they would submit a report to the State government.

Last year, the A.P. government had taken up work to raise the height of a check dam cross the Palar at Perumpallam. This had shocked farmers in Vellore district as it would prevent flow of water to the district.