manjuqKochi: Manju Warrier role in the new film ‘Aami’ may led some controversies by the film directed by Sri Kamal that affect  Manju’s popularity also. Actrss Vidya Balan refuses to do the film telling the story of late Madhavikutty. Madhavikutty also know as Kamala Surayya , who was one of the most popular novelist evergreen in her personality never forgot the word lovers. In addition to Vidya Balan , Jayaram‘s wife Parvathy , hindi actress Thabu etc consider for the character to do Kamala. Fearing some controversies Vidya Balan backed out from this project remaining five days for to stat this project.

The film will be directed by film maker Kamal, who choose Manju to make the role in Madhavikutty her middle aged character. Kamal commented some physical similarities and character resemblance will make Manju  to get the people’s mind that lively Madhavikutty and her name in the film was’ Aami’. kamala

The real problem happens in this film is she had open mind to tell what ever in her mind.  Madhavikutty’s in her life cycle, she adopt Muslim religion and made her name as Kamala Surayya.  She lives her last life a Muslim women till to death. She was very much attracted in that life. While doing in that life many time she revealed that she made the mistake in life to change the religion and she lost her freedom in Muslim community.  And also remarks she forced to disposal of her wealth in the form for ‘Sakkath’ ,  that made her lot of sadness.manju

The area of such situation may will have to make Muslim hurt that led to unnecessary controversy and that also affect her popularity also.  Avoiding to such situation ex- husband Dileep argued to Kamal that pointed out such situation and she will not capable of handling the matters prevailing around this and he demands to Kamal for her withdrawn from this film. As a popular heroine like  Manju made a greater impact on the malayalies mind even her second stepping also welcomed by keralities  both hand.