KOCHI:-           In Kerala the most influential thing in market is the price of foreign liquor now.  The price of petroleum products is in the second place. The liquor price   is the deciding factor for even in the daily wages of laborers.  The ban on arrack by the A. K Antony government is considered as a line of study in this scenario. When foreign liquor replaced arrack the expenditure for drinking became higher.  So that an ordinary layman compelled for a hike in daily wages. The Kerala State beverages corporation and consumer fed are the main dealers of foreign liquor in Kerala. The government is collecting crores of rupees in the form of tax and cess.   Nobody stands for drunken man due to social reasons. So this    became an easy way  for making income without protest for government. But the government should be more vigilant about the outputs of a liquor pricing in society.  We have to protect our family income for a prosperous society. According to study reports, the government has two options. The ban on all types of liquor or quality liquor at a lower price. Otherwise this will led to a labour for liquor situation. We have to make a healthy and wealthy generation for future.