Kochi:-           The problems like depression  and suicide tendency are became common in the daily life of Kerala. The Keralites are aware of various ways to improve physical health. But we are very poor in our mental health. The mental strength is the key  point of survival. So we have to keep our mind positive and strong. The challenges are there till our last breath; but overcome the waves of challenge is an art. Life is an Ocean of big sharks. So we should be one of them. Emotions and sentiments are our comrades. We have to deal them with strong decisions. It’s very easy to fail, but failure is not the end. It’s a beginning of a new era of hopes and attempt.

            The number of mental clinics and counseling centers are increasing in Kerala. This is not a good symbol for a society having excellent education and manners. So we have to teach our next generation the art of facing challenges as a part of their curriculum.  It will definitely change the scenario.