The irregularities found in Nedumbassery International airport , CIAL Managing Director V.J Kurian facing the CBI enquiry relating the Airport  construction and implementation of bulding and other activities during his

The  start of airport land acquisition that held in 1996 and now the installation of solar panel to the Airport irregularies found by CBI Officials and now he facing enquiry about this aspect. To ensure the enqury has done on correct way and the report of the allegation would get immediate, some political party especially Sivasena conducted a march towards the airport. Now many of the social activists and political parties raise the demand to enquire the irregularities that found in the time of V.J Kurian.

During the time in 1996 to 2016 he is continuously taking charge for the Managing director post of CIAL. The solar panel implementation in airport he given the order to install panels to the airport there are many of the proposal held, he intentionally place the purchase order to his relative. He already facing the enquiry against it. If which ever ruling party ruled,  he is always retain as MD. This made many suspicion among people and the new block of CIAL made CBI found irregularities that also. With his high level political support  there some prepration behind to influence the CBI officials and forming some doubt pertain, so people demanding the correct level of inspection on behalf of CBI officials.